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Specialists In Modern Construction – This Sales Spinner Is A Winner

Showcasing a new model vehicle can at times be quite a challenge. With this new Sale Spinner it allows dealerships to place a vehicle in elevated, eye catching position metres from ground level, much higher than all the other stock on display. The vehicle is then continuously rotating 360 degrees allowing buyers to see all features. It’s like a magnet. The new vehicle ‘Sale Spinner’ display unit has been built by ‘Showing Off’ Australia.

Click on the video links below to preview this Sales Spinner

These videos below gives a brief Introduction to the Sales Spinner together with Instructions for Loading and Unloading vehicles or machinery.

Videos showing the Sales Spinner with 4WD Trucks & Vehicles,
Farm Equipment & Machinery, Caravans and Boats.

Videos of Sales Spinner in action at dealerships.


Showing Off Australia has pioneered 12 major design improvements to add to your investment


Showing Off has pioneered 12 major design improvements to suit the Australian market and dealerships.

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The hydraulics system is used to both raise and lower the vehicle, caravan or truck onto the platform.

Raise & Lower

The ‘Showing Off’ sales spinner system itself runs off one 240 volt 10 amp lead.

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This sales spinner is Engineered Certified and covered by $20m products and liability insurance.

$20m Liability Insurance

Take note to watch the training video and instructions for operating the system.

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Important backup support and technical support is available 24/7 and only a phone call away.

Technical Support

This system comes with 3 years warranty and Free Yearly service so you can’t go wrong.

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These Are Just Some Types Of Vehicles That Use The Sales Spinner

If you are wondering if elevating and rotating cars can generate higher sales just ask any dealer who has used one. They will tell you they turbo charge your sales to levels never before achieved.

The team from ShowingOff recently installed a unit at Ken Mills Toyota, Kingaroy. This unit is not only well built and engineered, it’s also easy to operate. Our staff received training on all aspects of the operation and back up service has been excellent. The vision of a new Landcruiser spinning on top of the unit had an immediate response from passing motorists. The most rewarding aspect of this type of display is that it has the most impact on passing motorists, which is our target market. Congratulations go to ShowingOff.

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Technical support is only a phone call away and comes with # years warranty.


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